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Albertan companies find new and creative ways to incorporate digital media. Whether creating efficiencies by streamlining communication and operations, connecting markets, or cooking up campaigns to communicate with consumers, we’re doing it. And many of us are doing it well.

If you, or one of your friends, colleagues, family members, or random project you heard about last week have made an impact on your industry because of your use of technology, you’ll want to check out the Digital Alberta Awards.


  • Best in Social Media
  • Mobile Innovation
  • Best Digital Design
  • Best in Cross-Platform Content
  • Best In Financial Services
  • Best Social Impact
  • B2C Innovation
  • B2B Innovation
  • Best Digital Startup
  • Best in E-learning
  • Best in Gaming
  • Government 2.0
  • Best Use of Film, Animation or
    Special FX
  • Best Combined Hardware &
    Software Experience
  • Best Digital Advertising/Marketing
    or Design Agency
  • Student Digital Award

Deadline for submission: May 6th

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Lisa Ostrikoff of BizBoxTV recently asked her friends on Facebook the following:

1970s: 70% said they had a great deal or fair amount of confidence in the Press/Media. Today, that number sits at 47%. What’s your take?

Well Lisa, I’ve thought a bit about it, and here’s what I think:

Gone are the days where traditional media is the only voice we have to listen to, or to rely on to put out our message.  I’ve heard this perspective before with regards to people having a message to deliver, but I’ve never really thought about it from the point of view of being the receiver with the power to filter what I’m consuming and just how fragmented information can get because of that.

As a heavy consumer of new media, I love the variety of viewpoints that are available to me on any given issue. However, because the choice of what to consume and which message to listen to is now mine, I feel a responsibility as a reader to seek out a balance of viewpoints and to attempt to keep my information the least skewed in any particular direction as possible.

Before the onus was on the broadcaster or the reporter to ensure a balanced representation of the facts.  But with the shift in power from traditional media controlling the message to everyone being able to weigh in on the conversation, we must also shoulder part of the responsibility of ensuring we’re getting all the facts and listening to at least a few different sides of every story before making up our minds.

With great power comes great responsibility.  And so if you are choosing to consume information in a similar fashion to the way I do, it’s up to you to also do your due diligence and make sure you’ve hunted down the facts on an issue before making up your mind.